Rug Cleaning


When It comes to rug cleaning, no one do it better than we do. So, if you are in need of higher quality and better rug cleaning services we are the best option for you since quality is our number one priority. We have a patented rug cleaning process that ensure your home or office is in a clean and healthier condition.

Our rug cleaning process ensures that there is no dirt residues remains therefore ensuring your rugs stays clean for longer period and therefore saving you money that could have been used to clean them regularly. You should be aware that use of improper methods to clean your rugs can damage them.

Since we know all this,this is where we comes in. We have well tested cleaning method that will leave your rugs clean and in good conditions. Our cleaning process and cleaning solutions are justified, and they don't have any damage on your rugs fibers. Our rugs cleaning method is fast, non-toxic and safe and after we wash your rugs we make sure it retains its beauty once again.

We understand the different rugs types and Orientals all over the world to ensure we take the maximum care of your treasured rugs as we clean them. Our rugs cleaning process include rugs inspection for stains and dyes, and then we decide the best method to clean them. We also do spots and stains pre-treatment, and finals rinsing to remove the stains.