Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning services are for everybody ranging from residential up to commercial businesses. Our main aim for diversification is to ensure every client who might be in need of our carpet cleaning services get them easily and at affordable rates.

We offer commercial carpet cleaning services for businesses either big or small with greater level of efficiency to ensure we provide the best quality cleaning services in the cleaning industry. When doing commercial carpet cleaning we use modern cleaning equipment, well-trained and highly skilled technicians and environmental friendly cleaning solutions which are safe and which at the same time ensures deeper carpet cleaning and also ensure healthier and clean business environment for your employees and customers.

Nowadays, its very common to find carpet floors in many businesses. You will even be surprised to find fabric carpets covering both the floors and ceilings of some businesses meaning it's a great investment to those businesses and therefore requires proper protection.

Its through this understanding that we use the best and unique carbonated extraction technique to ensure your carpet is clean and safe from damage. The carbonating extraction technique is able to lift grime and dirt from the carpet to the surface making it possible to be extracted easily.

On commercial setting we use an ideal carpet cleaning process that uses 80% less water and therefore enabling faster drying within a shorter period of one to 2 hours meaning you will be able to get back to work sooner after your business carpet has been cleaned.

The cleaning technique we use ensures the carpet stays for longer period without requiring further cleaning which promote healthier business and working conditions of your workers and customers and also it will be cost effective and economical.