Tips to remove common stains from your carpet

To most homes, carpet is one common thing that is essential and many people prefer having it in their houses. You will be surprised to find even if you decide to leave your shoes at the door or avoid eating or drinking on the table room where you have installed your carpet, through one way or another you will still have stains in your carpet.

Below are various types of carpets stains and how you can remove them.

  • Candle wax

    In the modern world, candles and tart burners are very common. They are good, but one of the major shortcomings about them is that they easily spills. The problems come in when a candle wax spills over your carpet. This is because it can be a real challenge to clean such a stain. Basically, the best way you can remove wax from your carpet is heating it until it all melt using a hot iron. You need to lay a paper towel over the wax. Pass the iron forth and back over the candle wax spot. The wax will absorb into the towel. Repeat the process until its all done. If you think this is laborious or time consuming feels free to contact us the carpet cleaners experts, and we will be very happy to assist you with our number one quality services.

  • Rust

    You may think that when your carpet rust it's the end of it. Right? But that its not true since it can be easily restored. Basically, rust can be easily removed from your carpet. You can remove rust from your carpet through scrubbing it using detergents and a scrub brush. If that fails, you can try a pure lemon juice and salt. If all those fail, we as carpet cleaner experts will be there for your assistance.

  • Wine or Red juice

    If the stains are fresh, try to remove them using a paper towel. The remaining liquid stains can be cleaned using a lemon juice. If the stains has stayed in the carpet for longer period, you need to use a different way which includes use of water and ammonia mixture. First of all, using a sprayer bottle, spray the solution and let it penetrate the spot for around 10 minutes. On the top of the wine stain, put a white towel and then a steam iron on the top of the towel. The stains will be absorbed into the towel. If this becomes a challenge for you, you can contact us for assistance.

  • Pet urine

    To clean pet urine from your carpet you need a mixture of half water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Using the mixture, you need to soak the stained place until it starts dripping wet and wait for 10 minutes. Once you are sure the mixture has fully penetrated deeper in the carpet, remove the excess moisture from the carpet using a towel. Then, cover the stained area with a dry coat of baking soda and wait for around 10 minutes. Mix dish soap and hydrogen peroxide in another different sprayer bottle. Saturate the mixture of baking soda. Baking soda and the peroxide will form a reaction and after 5 minutes scrub off the carpet. After blending for around 15 minutes and the mixture have penetrated properly in the carpet, you should lay a towel. Wait for sometime for the place to dry and then vacuum to remove baking soda that could have been left behind and you will be done.

Stains can make your carpet to look bad and miserable. Using the above tips, we do believe you can now be able to remove the stains from your carpet with ease. If you have any problems, you can always contact us for assistance with quality carpet cleaning services.