Key Points of Difference Between Area Rug Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning!!

Carpets or rugs are the effortless decors of your home, and it gives a classy look to your living room and bedroom. Carpet cleaning is essential, as it removes the dirt, dust, and allergens, which may cause severe health problems and deplete the carpet's quality.

According to an article published by GALLAGHER'S CARPET CLEANING.COM, it is estimated that area rugs must be cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months of duration through a professional company. Professional cleaners carry out deep cleaning of the rugs and leave no room for any germs breeding for a significant period.

Regular cleaning extends the longevity of your carpet and makes it look brand new and attractive. Many carpets are hard to remove from tile to tile or wall to wall. Such carpets are nearly impossible to remove while cleaning. It is advisable to call for expert help from professional cleaners that don't take much time and are also cost-effective.

Professional Carpet Cleaning company uses the latest equipment and eco-friendly products, which make the carpet cleaning process entirely smooth without ruining or damaging the carpet in any essence.

According to an article published by WILBURN COMPANY, it is observed that carpets which are cleaned way too frequently are prone to get damaged early as ready-made cleaning solutions containing harsh chemicals may cause severe damage to the soft layers of your carpets.

Rugs are slightly different from the carpet as rugs are mobile and can be removed easily for cleaning. Premium rugs are delicate, and the chances of them getting dirty quickly is obvious, so it requires extra care and attention in the cleaning process. Rugs are often sent to cleaning plants to be cleaned by professionals.

Before cleaning the carpet or area rug, you should know the difference, preventing damage to rug and carpet. Let us have a look at the critical differences between both:






1.MATERIAL:  Carpets and rugs are made of different materials and textures, which results in a different cleaning process. Rugs are mobile, so you can send rugs to cleaning plants to be cleaned professionally. Rug materials are delicate and need extra care, so a professional rug cleaning company gives extra attention to your rug and uses eco-friendly solutions to clean the rug properly.
On the other hand, carpets are designed to stay put and are not delicate like rugs. Carpet cleaning services provided by a professional company keep your carpets clean and remove all the dust and dirt from them without damaging the material. Carpets are hard to move around and are affixed to the flooring in most general scenarios.


2. FRINGE:  As you know, rugs are delicate, as rugs have fringe. Fringe is a decorative rug border like a hanging tassel, which may get damaged during cleaning. Fringe is fragile and can be destroyed during vacuum, so rug cleaners give extra attention to it and prevent damage.
As for carpets, they don't have any delicate and fragile material or design on it, so they don't need extra care or attention while cleaning.


3. Dirt and dust cleaning: The rug and carpet material are different, rugs are made of a more dense pile, and fibres are closer. Dirt or dust tends to get trapped easily on the rug and is hard to remove from the vacuum. Rugs require proper cleaning equipment and professional care to get cleaned properly.
Carpet also requires professional carpet cleaner to clean dirty carpet. Keeping the carpet dirty can cause damage to fibre and make it look old and torn. However, carpets do not have dense piles of fibres underneath, but the layers of bedding need to be adequately addressed.


4. BLEEDING COLOURS: Carpets are of a single colour, and not many designs are available. But in the case of rugs, it has patterns and colours, and if the colour bleeding happens, it can completely ruin a rug.
Due to the colour bleeding, the rug can completely fade its original colour and design by muddying it. So area rug cleaning should be done with the correct eco-friendly solution and contain fewer chemicals.
Carpets don't require much care when talking about colour bleeding, as most carpets are of a single colour, and standard carpet cleaning solutions can be used without any problem.


5. PROPER CARE:  You spend thousands of dollars on decorating your home. Rugs are expensive and require proper care. However, you cannot trust anybody to clean your expensive premium rug. Be sure to hire professionals who have many years of experience, knowledge in this area and provide proper care to your rug.
Your carpets also require professional cleaning once or twice a year according to the condition of your carpets, but carpets are not as delicate as rugs, so they may only need minimum care. A regular vacuum can keep your carpet clean and ensure longevity to your carpet.


With regular usage, your carpets and area rugs look dull and faded. The dirt and dust make your rugs seem old. Regular cleaning ensures durability and ensures your carpets last for a longer time.
The above-mentioned vital benefits must have awakened you by familiarizing you with the importance of cleaning. Daily self-cleaning can be considered a good choice; however, opting for the professional carpet and rug cleaners are furthermore advised.

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